What is GBT



Caries, bad breath, tooth lose, implant loss

Gingivitis= gum bleeding

Periodontal Disease= gum infections, receding gums


Studies show that biofilm increases the risk of

Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, premature birth, respiratory disorders, diabetes and more…

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) : No More Fear!


A visit to the dentist is often still associated with pain and a lot of fear.  This is also true with professional tooth cleaning.  Unfortunately, the old fashion method has not changed much since 1960.  Most practitioners continue to use sharp instruments to scrape deep below the gumline on the roots of teeth.  Also, abrasive “polishing paste” is not needed anymore, thus preventing loss of tooth structure.

A study* conducted by Germany’s Stiftung Warentest (a consumer advocacy foundation) revealed significant shortcomings in conventional professional tooth cleaning.  The old method using brushes, “polishing paste” and handheld instruments only removes 50% of biofilm in areas that are difficult to reach.   Removing no more than half of the biofilm is simply unacceptable because the infection continues to progress.  Also, the lack of common clinical protocol contributed to major  differences in terms of final results.  Finally, patients seldom received follow-up instructions for proper oral hygiene care at home. *July 2019

It was about time that Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) was developed to replace the old methods.


Check out actual before and after results of Guided Biofilm Therapy. You'll notice how GBT gently yet thoroughly cleans teeth for a radiant smile! We use a natural purple dye before cleaning to see plaque/bacteria accumulation. This veggie-based dye temporarily stains the bacteria, so your hygienist sees all areas needing attention. The GBT cleaning then removes every trace of dyed biofilm and stains, leaving behind clean and white teeth! You can browse results from children to teens to adults.

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