Sleep Apnea Appliances

There are a number of dental devices that can be used to alleviate this condition. The goal of most of these devices is to separate the jaws and push them forward slightly.  This slight repositioning opens up the airway, and allows oxygen to flow freely again.  Wearers of sleep apnea dental devices report that they stop loud snoring, feel more rested in the daytime, and are much more comfortable going to sleep.  Sleep apnea appliances work best on patients who are not significantly overweight. They offer a viable alternative to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP).


Sleep apnea appliances fall into two categories: fixed and adjustable.  Here are brief descriptions of some commonly used sleep apnea dental appliances:


The EMA is a simple, patient friendly oral appliance.  The EMA provides unsurpassed comfort and lateral flexibility.  A variety of interchangeable elastic straps gently hold the mandible forward.  Bite pads stabilize for maximum airway volume.  As with the Herbst there is no projections into the palate and provides maximum tongue space.

The Adjustable Dorsal

Named after its Dorsal fins extruding from the lower jaw appliance, the adjustable Dorsal is one of the most well known and popular sleep appliances today.  This two piece appliance is often fabricated with a grear which allows the doctor to incrementaly advance the mandible as needed. 


Herbst Telescopic Appliance

The Herbst appliance is held in the mouth by clasps and friction grips.  It is made of acrylic, and contains adjustable metal wiring.  The advantage of this appliance is that the wearer is able to move vertically and laterally without dislodging the appliance.  The Herbst appliance is usually used in mild and moderate cases of sleep apnea, and can also alleviate loud snoring effectively.

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