Root Canal Therapy

Gentle Root Canal Therapy in Winnipeg

Dental trauma or tooth decay may cause infection and pain. An infected affects your quality of life and can put your oral health at risk. At iDental Centre, we provide root canal therapy for Winnipeg patients. With root canal treatment, our dentists will help relieve your pain, treat the affected tooth, and restore oral health. We aim to protect your tooth structure and prevent the need for an extraction to help you maintain a healthy and functional smile.

Our dental experts will take the time to examine your oral situation and explain all the options available to you. We strive to help our patients develop beautiful and healthy smiles that will last a lifetime. Our dentists will deliver same-day root canal therapy whenever possible and after-hours emergency appointments for patients of record. If you require root canal therapy in Winnipeg, do not hesitate to call our office today.


What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal treatment is designed to eliminate dental infection within a tooth. When the soft tissue at a tooth's center is exposed to bacteria because of tooth decay or damage, it becomes infected and inflamed. Root canal therapy completely removes the infected pulp from the root chamber, alleviating pain and preserving the tooth's overall structure. Our dentists use root canal therapy to save your natural tooth, help prevent jawbone atrophy, and maintain your bite.

Is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

root canal therapy in Winnipeg, MBA dental infection won't heal on its own. If your tooth is infected, root canal therapy is, in most cases, the only way to preserve the tooth and prevent the need for an extraction. Removing the infected tissue prevents it from spreading to nearby teeth and other areas of the body. It also eliminates the pain that often comes from a dental infection.

If bacteria access the root openings, it can result in bone infection, weakening the jawbone. Additionally, the ligaments around the tooth tend to swell, causing the teeth to become loose. The infection can also spread to other areas of the body, causing secondary infection that can severely put your health at risk. Removing the infection from the tooth eliminates these risks while also preserving the tooth's structure so that it can still function normally.

Will I Lose My Tooth?

Whether your tooth can be saved will mainly depend on the severity of your case. If the tooth is not severely decayed, our dentists will remove the decayed root pulp and leave the tooth structure intact. The tooth is then covered with a dental crown to restore your bite functionality. If the decay or damage is extensive, the dentists may recommend extraction and replace it with an artificial tooth using options such as a dental implant.

Is a Root Canal Treatment Painful?

A root canal procedure usually causes no more discomfort than a filling would. Rather, the painful infections are what makes the treatment necessary in the first place. The infected root pulp and tissues are often painful and inflamed tissues with lots of nerves, making them extremely sensitive. Root canal therapy is what relieves this discomfort and pain, allowing your mouth to heal and achieve good oral health once more.

How Long Will My Root Canal Procedure Take?

Root canals are usually done in one visit to our dentists and take less than two hours. If your dental issue is severe, you will need at least two visits for our dentists to complete your procedure.

Should I Go for Root Canal Treatment If My Tooth Does Not Hurt?

Leaving your damaged or decayed tooth untreated will make issues worse since the decay will spread and affect other teeth. If you keep waiting until you feel significant pain, our dentists may have to perform root canal therapy on more than one tooth. The tooth could also require an extraction and replacement such as a dental implant or bridge, raising the cost significantly. The sooner your tooth is treated, the better the situation overall.

Offering Compassionate Root Canal Treatment in Winnipeg

If you have persistent tooth pain or infection, our team at iDental Centre is here to help. Our dentists provide root canal therapy to preserving your natural teeth and promote your oral health. Our facility uses modern dental technology and techniques to make the treatment process comfortable and effective. Call our office to book your appointment with our dentists and get the dental care you need today.