Payment Options

Financial Agreements:

At iDental Centre we are dedicated to helping you have a healthy, beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Our goals are to help you afford and to provide you with the highest quality of dental care you deserve.  As such, we are committed to explaining all procedures and fees clearly before treatment begins and have many creative ways to fit dentistry into your finances:

Insurance Direct Billing and Estimated co-payment at visit:

For your convenience, we will bill your insurance directly.  We just ask that you provide your copayment at your appointment.

All insurance companies and plans are different, and we will work our hardest to maximize your benefits so your claim is as comfortable as our dentistry but insurance coverage is never guaranteed.  Our staff will gladly submit pre-determination estimates to your insurance company so you will know what your coverage will be.  

To avoid surprises, check your insurance documents or call your provider prior to your appointment, as benefit companies do not inform dental offices of changes to your policy.  Your insurance policy is an agreement between you and insurance company.

Whenever possible we will work with you to find out your coverage, but some benefit companies do not disclose details with the dental office.

In order to be as informed as possible, here are a few things to look for:

    -annual maximum


    -percent coverage

    -limitations on procedure type and frequency



Also, it is important to know the 4 roles in Insurance:

         1.     employer – selects insurance plan based on cost and coverage

         2.     employee – policy holder

         3.     insurance company – are a business to make a profit

         4.     dentist – we are your partner in oral health.  Our care is based on helping you achieve optimal oral health, not your policy.


Payment in full at visit:

Some insurance companies will not send payment to the dentist, they are non-assignable.  In this case, we ask that you provide payment in full at your appointment and we would be pleased to submit the claim on your behalf so your insurance company can reimburse you directly.

No insurance?  No Problem.  We will always explain all treatment costs before we start and can help to arrange a payment plan with you prior to treatment.

If finances are keeping you from achieving your beautiful, healthy smile, we can work out a flexible financial arrangement that will leave everyone smiling.


Payment Types:

For your convenience, we accept the following payment methods:






Please note:  All accounts over 30 days are subject to interest at 4% unless a payment arrangement has been made prior to service being provided.