Tooth Extractions

Gentle and Quick Extractions in Winnipeg

Gentle Tooth Extractions in WinnipegDentists will do everything they can to save a natural tooth whenever possible. However, sometimes removing a badly damaged, infected, or impacted tooth can be the best choice for your overall smile. At iDental Centre, we provide tooth extraction services for Winnipeg and the surrounding communities.

Our dentists are highly experienced in performing extractions effectively and as comfortably as possible. We utilize innovative medical equipment for all dental procedures. Our team is ready to help you with all your dental needs, including teeth extractions. Please schedule a visit with our dentists today to get the care you need.


Common Reasons for Tooth Extractions

The most common situation for performing tooth extraction is when a person is in pain because of a toothache that cannot be treated by root canal therapy. However, this does not mean that every pain will result in an extraction.

There are certain instances when tooth extraction is the only solution to the dental problem. Dental extractions can be recommended in instances such as:

  • Wisdom Teeth: If your jawbone is not large enough, the wisdom teeth may bring discomfort and cause alignment issues such as crowding. Extracting these wisdom teeth will provide more room for other teeth and eliminate certain health risks.
  • Impacted Teeth: Some teeth can remain partially or fully hidden below the gum as they grow. Such teeth can quickly experience decay caused by trapped food and push against adjacent teeth, causing inflammation and infections. Extraction of impacted teeth can relieve pain associated with inflammation and swelling and boost overall health.
  • Crowded Teeth: Sometimes, the teeth may be tightly crowded in the mouth. Removing a tooth can make aligning and straightening the teeth much easier.
  • Health Concerns: Tooth extraction can also be recommended for health purposes. If the tooth is severely infected or decayed, removing it and replacing it with a dental bridge or implant can be the healthiest solution for the patient.

Bone Grafting After Tooth Extraction in Winnipeg

When your tooth is extracted, there is no longer a tooth root to support the bone and gum. As a result, your bone and gums will slowly erode away. When bone erodes, the remaining teeth will start shifting to cover up the gap left by the extracted tooth. Most bone loss usually occurs during the first year after an extraction. Bone loss can lead to the following:

  • Difficulty eating and chewing
  • Further tooth damage
  • Poor bite alignment
  • Decay
  • Infection
  • Eventual tooth loss of other teeth

At iDental Centre, we offer bone grafting and tooth extractions in Winnipeg to help you preserve your jawbone. A bone graft also provides a stable foundation for placing an implant when healed.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

teeth extractions in WinnipegAfter the tooth has been removed, you need to take certain steps to promote healing. Our team at iDental Centre will offer you treatment care instructions to improve your comfort and healing and help lower the probability of complications.

After your Winnipeg tooth extraction, bleeding is normal, and it will subside with time. A gauze pack will be placed at the extraction site to help with healing and promote blood clotting. You should avoid chewing or biting down on the gauze pack and make sure you replace the pack whenever necessary.

Some other tips you can follow to promote healing include:

  • Take prescribed medication as directed by the dentist.
  • Avoid probing the extraction site using your tongue or anything else to avoid dislodging the clot, which is important for the healing process.
  • Avoid drinking liquids using a straw as the sucking action will dislodge the clot.
  • Eat soft foods during the healing process and avoid chewing on the side of the mouth where the tooth was extracted.

Healing will take about five to seven days for most patients. If you have any challenges or experiencing discomfort, swelling, severe pain, fever, or bleeding after the extraction, please call our office for assistance.

A Team You Can Trust for Winnipeg Tooth Extractions

At iDental Centre, our skilled dental team strives to improve the dental health and lives of every patient that visits our dental office. If you are experiencing pain because of tooth trauma or have a tooth infection, we're committed to helping you find the right solution and offer the compassionate, effective care you deserve. We'll do everything we can to save your tooth and provide gentle extractions whenever it's needed. Call our office to schedule your consultation with a trusted dental team today.